The Risky Reunion

The zombies keep invading the city

The city is in grave danger, and the remains of the burnt down buildings are deadly. Where the fight continues, the crystal was now shooting laser balls it sucked up from the laser shot at it by Joe Laser.

The zombies have now grown a lot because the zombies have eaten heaps of brains. The laser balls hit the power lines and make the power overload while the zombies say "tanks" and eat tanks while the tanks shoot down zombies.
Boom Boom BOOM! Boom Boom.

Witch watches through globe

Meanwhile, the witch watches the big zombies take over the city and eat tanks and watch the little zombies eat brains. Finally, the crystal overloads powerlines causing houses to set on fire.

"No no NO NO NO!" said the witch. "I'm the guardian of the world, I am going to make a difference. But first I need a plan" the witch announced.

"My plan is to ..."
"um ah"
"maybe I could make a few crystals. That's it! I will go and make a few crystals"

The witch teleports to the city and emerges from the shadows. "Um ah, hi everybody. This is awkard," mumbled the witch. The witch announced "I'm here to protect you, not to hurt you and I am the gu...."
"Yeah, yeah... can you get on protecting us?" interrupted Tom.

So the witch made good crystals that made magic tanks. But that was not strong enough. Finally the battle was lost by the witch. The witch also died, then it turned into a vampire and when the witch died, the people weren't happy. But when the witch turned into a vampire the people cheered. The witch got her guardian friends and some armies. When they got back, every house was a wreck. So they fought the big zombies. The big zombies ate tanks and said "tanks." The tanks shot down zombies. Boom Boom BOOM!

Then the bad witch came. All the army kept fighting until every one had died or fled. Everyone that is except the bad witch, the zombies and Joe Laser. Joe lasered the witch, she died and the zombies and crystals still disappear as peace is restored.

Army at city keeps zombies at bay

But that was not good enough, were too big, the good crystals were not strong enough.

Fight with Witch and zombies. Witch loses, still hope. City burnt down

Witch is dead

Witch becomes a vampire witch, as that is what happens when zombies bite witches

Witch returns gathers people who have hope and can fight from surrounding cities

WItch gets other guardians of the world

All attack, people get surrounded

Bad witch emerges to help the zombies

The bad witch came,

Big fight, everyone dies or flees except for crystal, witch and bad witch. No more minions. One survivor

The army kept fighting until everyone died or fled. Everyone that is except for the bad witch, the bad zombies and the bad crystal and joe lasor.

That survivor "Joe "Laser" Brave shoots a laser at the witch. Killing her. THe crystal loses its power as it was conjured by the witch.

Joe shoots a laser at the witch. Killing her. THe crystal loses its power as it was conjured by the witch.

cities were conjured by the witch who also created crystals to help rebuild.

Special celebration including witch.